“Really, boy, unless you’re ready to deal with the monster, you shouldn’t go looking under the bed.”

- Ripper


“Stefan Petrucha has real world experience and can speak with authority.”

College of the Dead

“Suppose our genes could replicate in dead flesh? Mankind would not only be doomed, he’d be pointless.”

- College of the Dead

Dead Mann Running

“There’s nothing like seeing the face of a dead stripper you want to forget every day on TV.”

- Dead Mann Running


Amazon v Hachette – my two cent royalty

Authors all over are eyeing the developments in the war twixt Amazon and Hachette (rather like Godzilla vs a smaller monster, say, Mighty Joe Young…). I wound up posting my own thoughts over on Facebook, and figured, hey, this is long enough for a blog entry!  So, my thoughts. Sure, Amazon uses strong-arm tactics, and Read More…

You Never Know

I was back from a few days in NYC, sleepless, with a hacking cough and some weird twisted muscle in my leg, sitting at my desk, feeling terribly sorry for myself, when I received this from Power Rangers publisher and old friend, Jim Salicrup (other names redacted since I haven ‘t asked permission). JIM: A Read More…

Introducing College of the Dead – A Free Zombie Webcomic!

Much as I love writing for adventure and mystery lovers of all ages, I’m very pleased to announce my return to writing comics with a slightly older horror crowd in mind. To that end, introducing College of the Dead, a new webcomic, published by Adam Post, written by yours truly with art by Javier Sanchez Aranda! Read More…