“Really, boy, unless you’re ready to deal with the monster, you shouldn’t go looking under the bed.”

- Ripper


“Stefan Petrucha has real world experience and can speak with authority.”

College of the Dead

“Suppose our genes could replicate in dead flesh? Mankind would not only be doomed, he’d be pointless.”

- College of the Dead


“Where the @*#$ are the pictures?”

- Wade Wilson

Dead Mann Running

“There’s nothing like seeing the face of a dead stripper you want to forget every day on TV.”

- Dead Mann Running


Game of Thrones Officially Sucks

I dunno, sucks may be a bit strong – or not. I’m definitely getting a little sick of Game of Thrones. I was into it when the deaths and mutilations and castrations and rapes felt more connected to something beyond the moment. Now, with so many piled up, the same supposed *point* made over and over Read More…

Review: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by J. Ronson

To be clear, I adore Jon Ronson’s writing and will continue to read his books, but So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed was a big disappointment. It’s especially so given the brilliance of The Psychopath Test, which deconstructed and ultimately reconstructed concepts of mental illness, much in the same way Unforgiven did for Westerns or Galaxy Quest did Read More…

Sexism in House of Cards Season 3

Finished the third season of House of Cards last night and found myself terribly irritated by the way all these strong, interesting female characters were reduced to blithering idiots. It wouldn’t bug me so much if they’d been idiots from the start, there’s plenty of that going around, but I’d come to expect different. I Read More…