“Really, boy, unless you’re ready to deal with the monster, you shouldn’t go looking under the bed.”

- Ripper


“Stefan Petrucha has real world experience and can speak with authority.”

College of the Dead

“Suppose our genes could replicate in dead flesh? Mankind would not only be doomed, he’d be pointless.”

- College of the Dead

Dead Mann Running

“There’s nothing like seeing the face of a dead stripper you want to forget every day on TV.”

- Dead Mann Running


The Ripper Revealed?

Every year someone comes out with a new book claiming they’ve finally proved the identity of Jack the Ripper – this new one, though is based on DNA evidence. There are lots of IFs remaining, and the results have yet to be peer reviewed, but if suspect Kosminkski’s DNA really is on the same bloody Read More…

Patrick McLaw: Soviet Style Punishment for a Novelist?

There’s a story making the rounds about Patrick McClaw, a Maryland middle school teacher purportedly arrested and being held for psychiatric evaluation solely for the “crime” of writing a 2011 science fiction novel depicting a mass school shooting. No one, so far as I can tell, has done any original reporting, choosing instead to repeat the Read More…

Fall 2014 Online Class Registration

Like it says, Fall 2014 registration for my online UMASS classes is now open: Writing for a Living! Writing Comics! Paranormal Thinking! Register now, register often! Details here.