“Really, boy, unless you’re ready to deal with the monster, you shouldn’t go looking under the bed.”

– Ripper


“Stefan Petrucha has real world experience and can speak with authority.”


“Where the @*#$ are the pictures?”

– Wade Wilson

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“Death only matters to those left behind.”

Dead Mann Running

“There’s nothing like seeing the face of a dead stripper you want to forget every day on TV.”

– Dead Mann Running


Writing Classes Summer 2016

It’s Preview Week for my online summer Classes – Writing the Graphic Novel and Writing for a Living. Check out the free lectures and drop me a line if you have any question. Writing the Graphic Novel begins Monday, May 16.

Captain America: Dark Designs

Captain America has battled soldiers, terrorists and villains of all kinds. Now he’ll face a far more complicated enemy: his own body. When S.H.I.E.L.D. discovers that Cap is harboring an extinction-level pathogen hidden in his cells for decades, Cap’s greatest fear is realized: Until the virus can be cured, he’ll have to go into deep Read More…