Writing for a Living – The Query

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Want to sell your novel, non-fiction book, short story or article, but have trouble making just the right pitch? While other writing courses focus on the care and feeding of the creative soul, Writing for a Living: The Query is a nuts-and-bolts, content-neutral examination of the strategies and skills needed to present your content in a compelling and competitive manner to potential buyers. What’s it like? Check out the promo video and free sample lecture and see.

This standalone video-version of my popular college class, based on two decades experience in selling novels and graphic novels, is now available to any and all beginner and intermediate authors. The course consists of twelve –count them, twelve– lectures. A PDF of my book, Writing for a Living, which contains even more tips and info, is included.

The lectures range from two to 12 minutes, total about two hours of content and are presented in three sections:

Query Basics describes how the Query developed, then defines and explores its five essential components: Content, Market, Bio, Availability and Project Status. A focus on marketing teaches students what buyers want, and how to give it to them.

Story Basics hones in on the most challenging component, Content, where the pro author must describe their work in a terribly brief, yet utterly captivating manner. By focusing on Story as a basic unit of communication, students will be able to quickly understand what does and doesn’t work.

Creating Summaries explores how different media (film, tv, publishing) developed summaries and how that helps define their relationship with writers. It then presents specific strategies not only for condensing story ideas, but for reliably generating new content over the course of a career.

The final lecture concentrates on the biggest obstacle not only to creating summaries, but to good writing in general: Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy!

So, once again (see what I did there?), check out the promo video and free sample lecture – and sign on up!

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